PureVPN vs ExpressVPN 2020


Winner: ExpressVPN

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN: Face-off!

ExpressVPN is the winner between PureVPN vs ExpressVPN because it offers:

  • 3000+ servers
  • Round-the-clock services
  • Access to more Netflix and streaming websites
  • Faster internet speed

Here is a comprehensive summary of both PureVPN and ExpressVPN that can help you skim down the major details.

Factors PureVPN ExpressVPN
Jurisdiction Hong Kong British Virgin Islands
Logging Policy No Logs No Logs
Pricing $2.91/month $6.67/month
Speed 7.38 Mbps 15.08 Mbps
Server Network 2000+ Servers

140 Countries

3000+ Servers

94 Countries

Customer Support Email, Live Chat, Setup Guides, Tickets Email, Live Chat, Video Tutorials, Tickets
Torrenting Supported Supported
Netflix Unblocking Supported Supported
Security High High
Website PureVPN.com ExpressVPN.com

Long-story short! PureVPN is a much cheaper option especially if you are on a budget. Both PureVPN and ExpressVPN have somewhat similar features but different pricing options.

When it comes to device security and internet speed, both PureVPN and ExpressVPN are close to each other. But let us dig deeper into the details to check which VPN provides better services in 2020.


Result: PureVPN

Price PureVPN ExpressVPN
Monthly $10.95/month $12.95/month
Yearly $49.95 $99.95
Best Plan $4.16/month

1-Year Plan


15-Month Plan

Getting the 1-year plan with PureVPN is the best choice to save money in the long run. Also, PureVPN offers more discounts in the yearly plans as well.

Even though ExpressVPN is aggressively pushing its 15-Month discounted plan where you have to pay $6.67 only, PureVPN is a much cheaper option. For me, PureVPN is the winner because of its super-low rates.

ExpressVPN can be expensive for those who only need access to streaming websites, and doesn’t care much about internet speed or downloading torrents. However, both of these VPN providers are constantly changing their pricing plans and you might get lucky during a massive sale.

Continue reading to learn how much does ExpressVPN cost? Or PureVPN?

Pricing Plans of PureVPN


Monthly pricing plans of PureVPN are less than half of what ExpressVPN offers. With just $3.33 per month, PureVPN has won the bargain. If you are picking PureVPN for streaming websites then I suggest you go for a 2-Year plan. In this way, you will save money in the long run and stream geo-restricted websites anytime you want.

Pricing Plans of ExpressVPN


Most VPN users prefer ExpressVPN because it works in many countries and offers reliable servers. But monthly plans of ExpressVPN are expensive even if you care about security and unblocking geo-blocked websites. Try using ExpressVPN during its free trial to make sure you face no trouble in unblocking geo-restricted websites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Payment Methods

Result: Draw

Payment Methods PureVPN ExpressVPN
Cards Yes Yes
PayPal Yes Yes
Money wall Yes Yes
Bitcoin Yes Yes

Both of them provides flexible payment methods. You can use PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency to subscribe to their monthly or yearly deals. So there is no clear winner and it’s a blind draw.

ExpressVPN and PureVPN are reliable VPN providers and you don’t have to worry about risking your card details. I prefer using PayPal because it is a better payment option for me and its super safe.

Payment Method of PureVPN


PayPal is the best choice to subscribe to a monthly deal. Although, I use a Visa card whenever I purchase something online. You must choose a suitable payment method based on the country you are residing in.

Payment Method of ExpressVPN


Like PureVPN, ExpressVPN also offers seamless payment methods. Then again I would suggest you subscribe to a monthly plan using your PayPal account if you have one.

Refund Policy

Result: PureVPN             

Refund Policy PureVPN ExpressVPN
Duration 31-Day Money-Back


30-Day Money-Back


Refunds Yes Yes

Both PureVPN and ExpressVPN offer a free trial to help you make a decision whether to subscribe to their services or not. You can get a full refund if you are not happy using ExpressVPN or PureVPN after a month. All you have to do is explain the reason why you are unsatisfied with their VPN services and you can get a refund.

Although ExpressVPN is just a day shy, PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee. It means you have another whole day to browse Netflix libraries and access geo-restricted websites without anyone stopping you or canceling your subscription. Numbers matter for all of us! And if you are a first-time VPN user, go for PureVPN. More days mean more time to explore VPN features and options.


Result: Draw

Features PureVPN ExpressVPN
Multi-login 5 5
Apps Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Amazon Fire Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Amazon Fire
Kill Switch Yes Yes
Encryption 256-Bit 256-Bit
Split Tunneling Yes Yes
Customer Support Email, Live Chat, Setup Guides


Email, Live Chat, Video Tutorials


Added Features DNS Leak Protection, No-logs policy, Split tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, Prevent ISP Throttling DNS Leak Protection, No-logs policy, Split tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, Prevent ISP Throttling

You won’t face any trouble using advanced security options whether you choose PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Split tunneling is a great feature and both of them offer it to their users. It accelerates internet speed!

As you can see for yourself, both ExpressVPN and PureVPN provide round-the-clock support using the live chat option. Or you can use setup guides or video tutorials to download a VPN on your favorite streaming device (phone, Smart TV, laptop, tablet).

The jurisdiction of PureVPN is in Hong Kong that makes it safer than other VPN providers. The government cannot ask for information from VPN providers who are residing in Hong Kong. So that’s a big win.

ExpressVPN is also a viable option because its central servers are in British Virgin Islands. But why does it matter? Because there are strict laws for prying user’s information especially if you are in the US, UK, or any European country.

Bottom line: Both of them are safe and reliable for first-time VPN users.

Geo Unblocking Capabilities

Result: ExpressVPN

Geo Unblocking Capabilities PureVPN ExpressVPN
Netflix US & UK US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Japan,
Hulu US & Japan US & Japan
BBC iPlayer No Yes
Sky Go Yes Yes
Amazon Prime Yes Yes
ABC No Yes
CBS Yes Yes
NBC Yes Yes
ITV Yes Yes
Channel 4 Yes Yes

Sadly, PureVPN doesn’t offer access to BBC iPlayer and ABC. Which means no more Shark Tank or Agents of Shield. But you can use PureVPN to watch several other Netflix libraries.

It provides fewer streaming options than ExpressVPN which can be surprising. If all you do is binge-stream all day without taking a step outside, choose ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is leading the frontline when it comes to accessing Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other streaming websites. Selecting ExpressVPN purely on streaming is a clever option for those serious binge-watchers. ExpressVPN offers more Netflix libraries which is clearly not the case with PureVPN.

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN – Torrenting

Even if you are living in the US and access Netflix or Hulu without any trouble, you need a reliable and faster VPN to download torrents. Or end up paying a fine to the government or worse serve jail time for downloading torrents.

I know you don’t want that so you can use either ExpressVPN or PureVPN. Both of these VPN providers offer torrent-friendly options.

With the help of P2P networks provided by both ExpressVPN and PureVPN, you can download unlimited torrent files. Also, the split tunneling feature boosts internet speed and enhance file transfer because it is segmenting traffic of your streaming devices. We are also undecided about the winner for torrent downloads.

Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN are powerful enough to hide your IP address and ensure anonymous torrent downloads. So you can pick either one of them because these two VPN providers are best-suited for downloading torrents.

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN – Netflix Unblocking

When it comes to accessing Netflix libraries, the number of available servers is crucial. And we have already discussed earlier that ExpressVPN is better-suited for streaming.

So ExpressVPN it is! You can use ExpressVPN for accessing a wide array of streaming websites. Moreover, PureVPN can also unblock many Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, or Hulu. So you must consider all your options.

ExpressVPN has over 3000+ servers that can connect your streaming device to many available servers and unblock geo-blocked websites.

For instance, you can connect to a German server and start accessing Netflix Deutschland in Spain without any glitches. You won’t revert to a US server in case the German server is not working. All you have to do is connect to a working server and you are good to binge-watch.

Let’s now discuss the best and worst part! The worst part is that Netflix can now detect if you are using a VPN to access its libraries and block your IP address. And the best part is both PureVPN and ExpressVPN can help you evade past these restrictions. Without any glitch! Without any buffering! So ExpressVPN and PureVPN pass the test.

China Unblocking (Obfuscation)

Even though China has made it very hard for anyone to unblock a streaming website using the Great Firewall, you can use either PureVPN or ExpressVPN to get access.

Several VPN users in China are leveraging a streaming VPN to unblock geo-restricted websites. There were a few previous claims about PureVPN that it is not working in China. That might be true. So we would suggest you don’t take a risk and pick a safer option.

ExpressVPN has a positive stance among many users in China. The tunneling protocols and encryption methods of ExpressVPN break the Great Firewall and unblock websites in China.

I know that most VPNs don’t work in China but ExpressVPN is the best-suited option and works consistently well according to many recent reports. So choose ExpressVPN for accessing websites in China.

App Interface & Usability

Result: Draw

App Interface & Usability PureVPN ExpressVPN
User Friendly Apps MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS
Server Selection List Based List Based
Automatic setup wizard MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS, DD-WRT Routers, and Tomato MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS, DD-WRT Routers, and Tomato
Auto Updates Available Yes Yes

Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN are available on IOS and Android devices. And most people use a VPN on their phones so you don’t have to worry about usability issues. Besides laptops, tablets, and phones, you can use both of them on Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

I cannot change your decision if you have already made your choice about a VPN. But listen to this fun-fact! Both PureVPN and ExpressVPN have a clutter-free interface so you don’t have to struggle too much when connecting to a server or finding Setting options. All the servers are listed on the menu that you can use on your streaming device.

ExpressVPN has a squeaky-clean user interface that is more user-friendly compared to PureVPN. As both PureVPN and ExpressVPN support countless streaming devices, there is no winner. So let me show you the user interfaces.



The user interface of PureVPN is pretty straight-forward. You can see a list of servers and click on the Settings option on the primary menu. Also, you can see that I am connected to a US server. PureVPN provides quick access to Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. If you use laptops for watching Netflix then I would suggest you install browser extensions for feasibility.



The user interface of ExpressVPN is overly minimal but I would still rate it higher than PureVPN. You can see the current location of your server when using ExpressVPN. To change your server, you have to click on the three-dotted button and choose your server.

That’s very simple so you don’t have to stress about using ExpressVPN for the first time. ExpressVPN also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Also, you can check video guides on know how to add chrome extensions if you have no clue about it. This is how a chrome extension of ExpressVPN looks like.


Result: ExpressVPN

Servers PureVPN ExpressVPN
Number of servers 2000+ Servers 3000+ Servers
Number of Countries 140+ Countries 94 Countries
Obfuscation Yes Yes
Virtual Servers Yes Yes
Speed 7.38 Mbps 15.08 Mbps

More servers mean faster speed and less internet traffic. So ExpressVPN leads this test once again! Although PureVPN and ExpressVPN prevent ISP throttling and offer virtual servers, ExpressVPN has more available servers. This not only boosts a buffer-free streaming experience but also improves torrent downloads.

This is the reason why ExpressVPN works well in countries like China and helps you access a range of region-specific websites. ExpressVPN is an obvious heavy-hitter in the league of the top-rated VPNs.

And it beats PureVPN without even flinching when it comes to battling for servers, DNS leak detection, and encryption protocols. But having more virtual servers matters the most.

Speed Test Results (PureVPN)


I connected to a US server to check downloading speed. Then I played a few episodes of Peaky Blinders and experience no buffering at all.

Speed Test Results (ExpressVPN)


To check ExpressVPN, I connected to a US server and ran a speed test. ExpressVPN runs very smooth and I was enjoying back to back episodes of Peaky Blinders Season 5.

Security & Privacy

Result: Draw

Security and Privacy PureVPN ExpressVPN
Jurisdiction Hong Kong British Virgin Islands
Logging Policy (Connection, Usage Logs) No-Logs No-Logs
Encryption 256-bit 256-bit
Tunneling Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, PPTP OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, PPTP
IP Leak Prevention Yes Yes
WebRTC Leak Protection Yes Yes
DNS Leak Protection Yes Yes
Internet Kill Switch Yes Yes
Secure Payment Method PayPal PayPal

They have locked horns in this as well! The central servers of PureVPN are in Hong Kong where the government doesn’t execute strict laws for VPN providers. So it clears our first stress-test! Whereas ExpressVPN has central servers in the British Virgin Islands, which is a part of the UK’s territory, but without any withholding laws.

When it comes to using an internet kill-switch option and IP leak protection, both of them are on the same page. They are using enterprise-grade tunneling protocols to help their users stay safe. However, we put the (DNS leak) spotlight on PureVPN and ExpressVPN to find out whether they are true to their words or not.

PureVPN (DNS Leak Detection Test)



ExpressVPN (DNS Leak Detection Test)



Customer Service

Result: ExpressVPN

Customer Service PureVPN ExpressVPN
Live Chat Yes Yes
Email/Ticketing Yes Yes
Phone support No No
Searchable knowledge base Yes Yes
Video guides Yes Yes

You don’t have to wait for hours to get a response when you are using PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Because you can send in your queries using a live-chat option related to server connection or website unblocking. The only anchor is no phone support. And I think you don’t really need phone support and get help from video guides.

Both PureVPN and ExpressVPN have extensive video tutorials and guides that can help you with installation process. To test live chat feature, I sent a message to PureVPN and ExpressVPN.

So I can check which one of them gives a quick response. I asked both ExpressVPN and PureVPN this common question “Does PureVPN/ExpressVPN unblock BBC iPlayer?” 



I have to put in my email before chatting to one of PureVPN support representatives, which is a downside. Because if someone is in a hurry then he or she will feel annoyed by this option.

But what about existing customers? PureVPN also offers installation guides whenever you try to install a VPN app on your device. Here is a short glimpse of how PureVPN helps you install and use a VPN app for Windows.


As you can see in the picture above, there is a step-by-step guide to help you install a VPN app on Windows. All you have to do is follow all the steps and viola, you can install a VPN app on every device.



ExpressVPN was quicker and their support representatives explained to me further about their services. The support representatives were not salesy and were actually trying to assist me. Also, I don’t have to enter my email address to talk to a support representative.

But what about existing customers of ExpressVPN? How does ExpressVPN help its customers to install a VPN app? The answer is video guides. Yes! Check this out!


This is where ExpressVPN wins the game. ExpressVPN is helping its customers install their VPN app on every streaming device whether you are using an iPhone, Amazon Fire TV, or a tablet. So you don’t have to worry about installation. Just find your relevant installation video and download ExpressVPN on your favorite device.

Final Takeouts

ExpressVPN wins over PureVPN due on its internet speed, more available servers, and access in China! These major victories helped ExpressVPN muscle its way to the top and defeat PureVPN in a head-to-head battle.

So if you need a VPN and confused between ExpressVPN vs PureVPN,  ExpressVPN should be the way to go. I hope this guide was helpful to you. Keep coming back for more amazing VPN comparisons and use the best VPN in 2020.