NordVPN vs ProtonVPN 2020


Why are we saying this is an unusual comparison? Because you might think ProtonVPN is an underdog against NordVPN, which is considered as one of the best VPN providers. But this comparison can be jaw-dropping for some VPN users when they find out ProtonVPN features.

Speed! Servers! Security! All of these features are important when it comes to buying a reliable VPN. And one that works consistently fine at any time of the day. We tested both ProtonVPN and NordVPN to figure out which is a better VPN provider.

Before we dive down into the details, let us declare the winner.

NordVPN vs ProtonVPN – Summary:

NordVPN is the winner because of:

  • Unblocking abilities
  • Access in China
  • Customer support
Factors ProtonVPN NordVPN
Jurisdiction Switzerland Panama
Logging Policy No Logs No Logs
Pricing $9.99 $3.49
Speed Mbps Mbps
Server Network 3000+ Servers

50 Countries

5300+ Servers

58 Countries

Customer Support Email, Tutorials


Email, Live Chat, Tutorials
Torrenting Supported Supported
Netflix Unblocking Supported Supported
Security High High

Both ProtonVPN and NordVPN offers great services and features. They don’t store any information logs, provides reliable connections, and offers round-the-clock support. But ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland and follows Swiss code that allows them to keep its customer data hidden from the government. This means ProtonVPN doesn’t come under US or UK jurisdiction and far away from privacy detention laws.

NordVPN provides more than 5000 servers and has a large fanbase. And surprisingly, NordVPN has managed to create a great community whereas ProtonVPN is quickly muscling its way to become a leader in the VPN industry. Both NordVPN and ProtonVPN offers high security and protect devices from IP-related leaks.

Let’s further move down to the detailed analysis.

Detailed Analysis

Results: ProtonVPN

Price ProtonVPN NordVPN
Monthly $10.87/month $11.95/month
Yearly $104.40 $83.88
Best Plan $8/month

Monthly Plan


3-Year Plan

The 3-year plan of NordVPN is dirt cheap when compared to ProtonVPN yearly plans. But NordVPN is kind of pushing users to choose their 3-year plan by giving a massive discount. Also, NordVPN has an expensive monthly plan that might influence you to go for its 3-year plan.

ProtonVPN is still cheaper than NordVPN and the only downside can be lack of discounted deals. You have to pay $8.07 every month if you choose ProtonVPN’s best plan. Moreover, ProtonVPN has 3 separate pricing plans for monthly, yearly, and 2-year users.

This is the reason why ProtonVPN is a suitable choice when it comes to saving money. You can pick a pricing plan of your choice with ProtonVPN. The bottom line is ProtonVPN is offering you various options that are tailored to unique needs.

Whereas NordVPN is a bit stubborn about pushing its 3-year pricing plans.


ProtonVPN is offering an array of options for you to choose from. There are different pricing plans available whether you are comfortable with monthly or discounted deals. The following is another pricing plan that you can benefit from.


Why ProtonVPN is better? Due to its free monthly plans. Although we may suggest you pick premium VPN plans only. In this way, you can avoid using risk-prone VPNs and enjoy multiple features. This is the reason why NordVPN loses this battle because of being too stubborn with their pricing plans.



As you can see for yourself, NordVPN is manipulating users to buy its 3-year plan. But subscribing to a 3-year plan is a long-term commitment and you have to be fully committed before buying it. Although you can get a full refund if you change your mind within a month. NordVPN is hugely benefitting from its growing popularity and rock-solid fanbase. That’s why NordVPN is not afraid to share their 3-year pricing plans even if it is a commitment.

Payment Policy

Results: Draw

Payment Methods ProtonVPN NordVPN
Cards Yes Yes
PayPal No No
American Express Yes Yes
Bitcoin Yes Yes

ProtonVPN and NordVPN offers reliably safe pricing plans. So you can either choose Bitcoin or credit cards to subscribe to their monthly pricing plans. But none of them provides PayPal options. Although, NordVPN is best known for its amazing customer support, not using PayPal as a payment gateway is downright disappointing.

We used credit cards to subscribe to both ProtonVPN and NordVPN. And we didn’t face any trouble to pay for their services. So you can pick any payment gateway that you personally use.

Refund Policy

Results: Draw

Refund Policy ProtonVPN NordVPN
Duration 30-Day Money-Back      Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back      Guarantee
Refunds Yes Yes

ProtonVPN and NordVPN provides a money-back guarantee to all customers. Like most VPN providers in the industry, both ProtonVPN and NordVPN have locked their horns by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Despite getting a full refund might seem farfetched, both NordVPN and ProtonVPN will pay your money back if you are not satisfied with their services.


Results: Draw

Features ProtonVPN NordVPN
Multi-login 10 6
Apps Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Amazon Fire Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Amazon Fire
Automatic Kill Switch Yes Yes
Encryption 256-Bit 256-Bit
Split Tunneling Yes No
Customer Support Email, Tutorials

Tickets, Knowledge Base

Live Chat, Email, Tutorials,

Tickets, Knowledge Base

Added Features


DNS Leak Protection, No-logs policy, split tunneling, Multi-platform protection, DNS Leak Protection Browser Extensions, Ad-Blocker, Wi-Fi Protection, No-logs policy, Multi-platform protection, DNS Leak Protection


Although NordVPN has limited pricing plans, you can use up to 6 simultaneous connections at the same time. Whereas you can connect to 10 devices simultaneously while using ProtonVPN. You can use only a single connection if you go for a free ProtonVPN plan. But you can use more feature-rich and more device connections with ProtonVPN as you go higher with your pricing plans.

Moreover, ProtonVPN and NordVPN are competing in the feature eco-system. Both have no-log policies, prevent DNS leaks, and offer split tunneling feature. NordVPN and ProtonVPN use split tunneling to encrypt your internet traffic. ProtonVPN doesn’t offer browser extensions whereas NordVPN does. And NordVPN’s chrome extension is easy-to-use because it is identical to its desktop mobile app.

Geo Unblocking Capabilities

Results: NordVPN

Geo Unblocking Capabilities ProtonVPN NordVPN
Netflix US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Japan US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Australia
Hulu US & Japan US & Japan
BBC iPlayer No Yes
Sky Go Yes Yes
Amazon Prime No Yes
ABC Yes Yes
CBS Yes Yes
NBC Yes Yes
ITV No Yes
Channel 4 Yes Yes

With fewer servers available, ProtonVPN is not our first choice when it comes to unblocking Netflix libraries or heavily restricted BBC iPlayer. Even with Netflix is going on a VPN-blocking rampage, ProtonVPN is rock-solid and can bypass these strict restrictions quite easily. Whereas ProtonVPN does not unblock BBC iPlayer, ITV, or HBO that are considered some of the most binge-worthy streaming websites.

Unlike ProtonVPN, NordVPN is better-suited for unblocking multiple Netflix libraries as well as other streaming websites like ABC, BBC iPlayer, or ITV. This is where the pendulum swings towards NordVPN because it helps you unblock a range of streaming channels and with greater internet speed.

Moreover, NordVPN can easily unblock Netflix Deutschland, France, and Australia, which is something that ProtonVPN is not capable of. ProtonVPN can unblock Netflix US but you might struggle to access other country-specific libraries. Also, NordVPN is best-suited for accessing BBC iPlayer, ITV, ABC, or Hulu.


Both ProtonVPN and NordVPN are not influenced by information retention laws. ProtonVPN is in Switzerland while NordVPN is in Panama. This means they are out of US jurisdiction laws and follows security protocols.

Furthermore, ProtonVPN and NordVPN supports P2P file sharing which can help you boost torrent downloads while staying anonymous. The best part is both ProtonVPN and NordVPN has an internet kill switch option that can help you prevent DNS-related leaks.

ProtonVPN: Great option for torrent downloads!

NordVPN: Greater option for torrent downloads!

Netflix Unblocking

Both NordVPN and ProtonVPN can help you unblock Netflix US. We used Smart Play feature on NordVPN to unblock numerous Netflix libraries and was satisfied with the results. Although ProtonVPN is feature-rich and uses great tunneling protocols, it cannot unblock various Netflix libraries.

ProtonVPN: Does not access major streaming websites!

NordVPN: Provides all access to geo-restricted websites!

China Unblocking

Despite China’s Great Firewall, both NordVPN and ProtonVPN claim to provide access in China. But there was a report published by ProtonVPN that Chinese government has restricted their access. And if you are using ProtonVPN then you have to use a Tor Bridge to evade past China Great Firewall. ProtonVPN has shared a complete Tor Bridge installation guide to help their regular users to access the internet in China.

However, NordVPN has declared that their services are functioning normally in China. With the help of Obfuscated servers, NordVPN users can unblock various geo-blocked websites in China. Sometime NordVPN servers failed to work if you are trying to access US streaming websites.

ProtonVPN: Not recommended!

NordVPN: Works normally!

App User Interface & Usability

Results: ProtonVPN

App Interface & Usability ProtonVPN NordVPN
User-Friendly Apps MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS
Server Selection Map & List Based Map & List Based
Automatic setup wizard MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS
Auto Updates Available Yes Yes

NordVPN might be easier for first-time VPN users but ProtonVPN has more features on the primary menu. Using ProtonVPN and connecting to different servers is seamless. Many VPNs providers are cherishing minimal user interface. However, most VPN users prefer a feature-packed primary menu. ProtonVPN might look complex at first glance but it has many reliable features. You don’t have to browse the Settings options if you are using ProtonVPN because everything is in front of you.

But with NordVPN, all you can see is a large connect button and server list. And NordVPN is contemplating on these extra minimal features because it is easy to use. NordVPN has fallen behind when it comes to using features and personalized settings. NordVPN offers P2P servers for torrent downloads but there must be more features on the primary menu especially if you wary about security. Take a look at the user interfaces of both ProtonVPN and NordVPN.



The best part about using ProtonVPN is that you can check server loads and connect to a dedicated server with less traffic. ProtonVPN shows session traffic that can help you check down speed and up speed. On the left side bar, you can check available servers of various countries.


The Settings options are also super easy for first-time VPN users. ProtonVPN follows no-logs policy and use high-end tunneling protocols, and you don’t have to worry about tuning the settings. By default, all privacy-friendly features are turned on ProtonVPN’s Settings menu. Now take a look at NordVPN’s user interface.



Map and list-based server options are compelling. NordVPN is pushing hard to keep the user interface as simple as they can. If you are using a VPN for the first time then NordVPN can navigate you from onboarding to server connections. You can browse relevant servers from the list and find them on the map-based menu.

Final Takeouts: Even if NordVPN has revamped its user interface to make it appear as visually appealing as possible, offering more features is better. This is where ProtonVPN has taken the lead by proving more VPN-friendly options for users.


Results: NordVPN

Servers ProtonVPN NordVPN
Number of servers 600+ Servers 5300+ Servers
Number of Countries 44 Countries 58 Countries
Obfuscation Yes Yes
Number of Virtual Servers Yes No
Speed 9.93 Mbps 45.58 Mbps

The total number of servers reflects internet speed and bandwidth. NordVPN has more servers than ProtonVPN but we still ran speed tests to find out which one provides higher speed. We used Ookla test because it is reliable and secure. We found out that NordVPN was much better than ProtonVPN. Why? Because of higher download and upload speeds. And not just higher but many notches above.





Security & Policy

Results: Draw

Security and Privacy ProtonVPN NordVPN
Jurisdiction Switzerland Panama
Logging Policy (Connection, Usage Logs) None None
Encryption AES 256-bit AES 256-bit
Tunneling Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2
IP Leak No No
WebRTC Leak Yes No
DNS Leak Protection Yes Yes
Kill Switch Yes Yes
Secure Payment Method Bitcoin Bitcoin

Unless the Swiss code orders ProtonVPN to share customer’s data, they will protect your private logs. ProtonVPN uses great security and encryption protocols because they create encryption keys from scratch and encrypt data using AES-256 protocol. ProtonVPN started just a few years ago but they have climbed the success ladder quickly on the basis of its security-friendly features. Another great feature of ProtonVPN is Secure Core that divides your internet traffic and boost internet speed.

When it comes to security features, NordVPN is also encrypting your internet traffic and spoofing your IP address. With the help of Open VPN and PPTP tunneling protocols, NordVPN is rerouting internet traffic. NordVPN uses all the major tunneling protocols that are necessary in the VPN industry. We ran DNS leak detection tests after connecting both ProtonVPN and NordVPN.

Both NordVPN and ProtonVPN are successful in preventing DNS leaks.





Customer Service

Results: NordVPN

Customer Service ProtonVPN NordVPN
Live Chat No Yes
Email/Ticketing Yes Yes
Phone support No No
Searchable knowledgebase Yes Yes
Video guides No Yes


With the help of knowledge base and email ticketing, you can learn how to install and use NordVPN or ProtonVPN on your device. But ProtonVPN is not quite helpful with its onboarding process because they don’t offer live chat features or phone support. NordVPN is offering live chat feature that we have personally checked and their response time is amazing.

Many VPN providers like NordVPN is using live chat options for ease of use. You don’t need phone support because video guides and knowledge base articles can give you a helping hand with onboarding or installation. Use email tickets to get in touch with the support representatives of ProtonVPN to resolve VPN-related problems.



This is how an email ticketing form of ProtonVPN looks like, which is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is enter your personal details and details about any problem that you are facing. But no live chat feature or video guides has drop the ball for ProtonVPN. As some VPN users are new, they have no clue about installation and server connections. This is the reason why NordVPN wins this battle by providing seamless customer support.


NordVPN is really sweating to becoming more customer-centric. By using various customer support systems, NordVPN is gaining traction in the VPN industry. Using FAQs or General Info can be a great help to new VPN users who might be confused about installing NordVPN or need further help with tunneling protocols.


Also, live chat support of NordVPN is super amazing. If you cannot find something after ruffling FAQs, video guides, or general info then you can starting talking to a customer support representative. You only have to log in your email once before chatting to a support team. NordVPN offers round-the-clock support and we have already checked it at different times of the day.

Final Thoughts

NordVPN is truly miles ahead of ProtonVPN and is a clear winner between NordVPN vs ProtonVPN. NordVPN is winning in the league of best VPN providers. We ran our diagnosis and jumping onto the conclusion that NordVPN is by far the better VPN service provider and more suited for unblocking region-specific websites.